#22: Choiix Power Fort 1500mAh / 5.5Whrs Review

Here we're taking a closer look at the Choiix Power Fort 1500mAh. This small little device gives you the option to charge electrical appliances like mp3 players, GPS systems, iPods, iPads,... anything actually that can be charged using a USB connection. This can come in really handy about anywhere you are when you don't have a computer near you, or when you have a power blackout.


#21: LG E2290V LED Monitor Review

The LG E2290 LED monitor is the newest innovation in LG's range. For 319EUR this incredible elegant monitor can be yours. With its 7.2mm thickness it blows the competition away, at least for now the LG may consider itself thinnest monitor on earth.
It has it's downsides such as poor viewing angles, not very user friendly and really slow response time, but colours are accurate, watching movies on it is cool, and of course you get this simply stunning design. On top of this you also get a significantly lower power consumption. This is why this monitor receives from us the Awesome award, scoring 4/5 stars.

#20: Cooler Master Lab Test Bench v1.0 Review

The Cooler Master Lab is aimed at reviewers and overclockers with its compact but very open design. Although it's very basic, there are a bunch of usefull features such as the tool-less motherboard standoffs. It would've been nice if they added a manual though.

#19: Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus Case Review

The HAF 912 Plus from Cooler Master is a very good bang for the buck. You get lots of options and features aswell as a good airflow for a very reasonable price of around €80.

#18: Fractal Design Define XL Full Tower Case Review

The review of the Fractal Design Define XL Full Tower Size case.
Fractal Design's first try on the the Full Tower case market isn't bad at all, and despite some minor issues it's really a very good case!

#17: Fractal Design Define R3 Review

The Fractal Design Define R3 case really stands out because of its sleek and professional design. The case shows off many features like the ModuVent System that was designed by Fractal Design and the noise absorbing material that is used everywhere throughout the case. In general, the only real issue that I could come up with is the cooling performance with the included stock fans. I would personally add at least another one at the front and one on the top panel.

#16: Plantronics Gamecom 777 7.1 Surround usb Headset review

The Gamecom 777 headset from Plantronics has an awesome design and provides really clear sound, although there should've been some drivers included to make the 7.1 surround effect better; because it sounds rather just like an extremely good stereo headset.

#15: Speedlink Strike3 (³) Gamepad Quick Unboxing and Review

Are you still playin Arcade Race games and Sports games with your keyboard and mouse? Get yourself a gamepad! And do it quick! Speedlink has done a great job with this Strike³, and you will have to consider it, if you can live with the resistant shoulder buttons. Overall I think this is an awesome gamepad.

#14: Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 Surround Headset review

The Medusa NX is a headset where Speedlink looked for high comfort and good sound quality. At a price around €70 this 5.1 surround headset is really a bang for the buck.


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